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  • DISCLAIMER: The information on the location of overhead powerlines contained on this platform (Information) has not been verified or audited. It may contain inaccuracies, may not be complete and may not be fit for the purpose for which you are seeking to use or rely on it. By accepting these terms and accessing or using the Information, you acknowledge and agree that: (a) no representation or warranty is given as to the accuracy or completeness of the Information, or that the Information is up to date; (b) no representation or warranty is given that the Information has been audited, verified or prepared with reasonable care; (c) no party involved in the preparation of the Information takes any responsibility for any interpretation, opinion or conclusion that you may form as a result of examining the Information; and (d) no party involved in the preparation of the Information is in any way liable for any loss of any kind (including, without limitation, damages, costs, interest, loss of profits, or special loss or damage) arising from an error, inaccuracy, incompleteness or similar defect in the Information or arising from any default, negligence or lack of care in relation to the preparation or provision of the Information (and you agree not to make any claim or commence or pursue any proceedings against any of them); (e) You are making an independent assessment of the Information and it you will carry out, and rely solely on, your own investigation and analyses in relation to the Information, and verify all information on which it you intends to rely to your own satisfaction; and (f) any reliance by you on any Information, or any use of any Information, is solely at your own risk. The Data depicts the location of Victoria's distribution and transmission overhead powerline network, specifically: Transmission (TL), Sub-transmission (TR), High Voltage (HV) and Low Voltage (LV) Vector line data.. The Data does not include service lines or private overhead powerlines. Vicmap Infrastructure includes industrial and utility assets and facilities associated with administrative and social governmental services such as pubic administrations, utilities & environmental monitoring. Resource dataset name - POWER_LINE