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  • Geological structure measurements taken by Geological Survey of Victoria. Measurement methods - most of the structure measurements were collected in the field as part of the ongoing regional mapping program then entered into the corporate database. Measurements are taken using a geological compass. Surfaces are recorded as dip - dip direction. Lineations are recorded as plunge - azimuth. Declination measured to magnetic north then corrected to true north automatically within the database. A small amount of pre-1995 structural data has been digitised from previous maps. Field data is either recorded in a notebook in the field then typed into the database or recorded digitally in the field and automatically transferred into the database (this applies to the majority of data collected since 2002). Display - structural measurements have been divided into four categories to simplify display. Bedding contains measurements of sedimentary bedding where the bedding surface is upright, overturned or younging unknown. Foliation contains measurements of the commonly measured foliations seen in rocks such as cleavages etc. Folds contains measurements of structures directly associated with folds such as fold axis, axial surface etc. Other contains all other structural measurements including faults, joints, quartz vein orientations etc.