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  • This polygon layer identifies shoreline types and habitats in the coastal and shallow subtidal region. The polygon extents are defined by a buffer of the coastline. The layer is based on a map created by Natural Resource Systems for the Land Conservation Council as part of its Marine and Coastal Special Investigation. Shoreline classifications and boundaries in the LCC map were further refined through a comparison with other data sources for the coast. Shoreline categories were defined on the basis of the information requirements of oil spill contingency planning and response personnel.

  • This polygon layer represents shallow marine habitats in the Corangamite catchment coastal region mapped from aerial photography and underwater video ground-truthing. This mapping was funded by the Natural Heritage Trust to increase the capacity of natural resource managers to make informed decisions regarding asset identification, risk assessment and establishment of management action targets for nearshore marine habitats in the region. This layer combines two datasets for east and west Corrangamite into a single layer.