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  • This boundary has been created at 1:25,000 showing the Metropolitan Melbourne Investigation, for the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council. The Minister, under Section 15 of the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council Act 2001 required VEAC to carry out an investigation of the public land in Metropolitan Melbourne. The area investigated is the LGA's predominantly not covered by the Melbourne 1 and Melbourne 2 Studies.

  • EPA Victoria divides the state up into seven operational regional areas. Each is responsible for the control and co-ordination of all activities relating to the discharge of waste into the environment, the generation, storage, treatment and disposal of industrial waste, and the emission of noise in the region. Activities such as licensing, works approvals, enforcement, consideration of planning permit referrals (that is, referred from responsible planning authorities for consideration) are carried out by each office.

  • This is a single image similar to TM50095 but enhanced specifically for use as a backdrop in ARC/INFO.

  • Vicmap Image represents a suite of statewide satellite image mosaic products. The first Vicmap Image product is a Statewide Landsat 7 Enhanced Thematic Mapper (ETM+) mosaic for the summer of 1999/2000, titled Vicmap Image TM7-2000. The second entitled SPOT MOSAIC 2001 B&W is a mosaic of SPOT Panchromatic and Monochromatic images from December 2000 to March 2002. Vicmap Image SPOT MOSAIC 2001 B&W is a 1-band, 8-bit Geo-TIFF image. Vicmap Imagery TM7-2000VI30 has a spatial resolution of 30 metres and a nominal usage scale of 1:50,000 or smaller. It provides an excellent representation of tree cover, agricultural land use, the extent of urban area, and water resources in Victoria.

  • 1:50 000 Mapgrid of Australia Boundaries.

  • 1:25 000 Mapgrid of Australia Boundaries.