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  • LCC_ECC_VEAC_INVESTIGATIONS shows the geographic boundaries of the Land Conservation Council (LCC), Environment Conservation Council (ECC) and Victorian Environmental Assessment Council (VEAC) investigation areas. Statewide extent investigations are not included in the dataset: Statewide Assessment of Public Land Use (1988), Rivers and Streams Special Investigation (1991), Wilderness special investigation (1991), Statewide Assessment of Public Land (2017).

  • This layer details the boundaries of the Salinity Management Plans. These boundaries define the administrative extent for each Salinity Management Plan Not all areas of the state are covered by Salinity Management Plans.

  • This dataset provides the spatial extent in which the Biodiversity Conservation Strategy, as part of the Melbourne Strategic Assessment, applies. The Program, as defined in the Program Report, means the Urban Growth Boundary Review for Melbourne for the development of land, including associated transport infrastructure, within the following areas: - investigation areas for the expansion of the 2005 Urban Growth Boundary - areas inside the 2005 Urban Growth Boundary for which a planning scheme amendment to introduce a Precinct Structure Plan had not commenced as at 26 May 2009 (the existing 28 precincts) - areas in the outer Metropolitan Ring Transport Corridor/E6 Road Reservation and the Regional Rail Link corridor between west of Werribee and Deer Park This Strategy does not apply to the Regional Rail Link corridor between west of Werribee and Deer Park, nor does it apply to any of the 28 precincts for which a planning scheme amendment to introduce a Precinct Structure Plan has been approved prior to 1 March 2012.

  • EPA Victoria divides the state up into seven operational regional areas. Each is responsible for the control and co-ordination of all activities relating to the discharge of waste into the environment, the generation, storage, treatment and disposal of industrial waste, and the emission of noise in the region. Activities such as licensing, works approvals, enforcement, consideration of planning permit referrals (that is, referred from responsible planning authorities for consideration) are carried out by each office.

  • Boundaries defining the approximate jurisdiction of the Urban Water Corporations. On 1 July 2021, Greater Western Water was formed by merging Western Water and City West Water.

  • Simplified outline of Victoria (coastline, major islands, borders and Murray River) plus the coastline of the adjoining States (SA, NSW and Tasmania).

  • This dataset is a simple polygon layer of rectangular cells aligned to 1 minute increments of the GDA94 latitude/longitude graticule. It is designed for use as an indexing mechanism for point record observations of flora and fauna. The layer covers an area of south-east Australia extending from 139 degrees to 151 degrees 30 minutes EAST and 33 degrees to 42 degrees SOUTH. It thus incorporates substantial areas of South Australia and New South Wales plus all of Bass Strait and the north coast of Tasmania.

  • 1:50 000 Australian Mapgrid Mapsheet Boundaries.

  • This dataset is derived from the Mapbook directory and contains the pagegrid for the 1:15 000 Bendigo & Ballarat maps.

  • 1:25 000 Mapgrid of Australia Boundaries.