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  • Captured as part of the 2014-15 CIP, this elevation project with an 10cm vertical accuracy covers the urban growth corridor between Longwarry and Trafalgar. The inherant high accuracy permits this product to be used for a wide range of Local and State Government purposes including drainage planning and analysis. Products: LiDAR Point Cloud, DEM and Contours

  • Captured as part of the 2014-15 CIP, this 10cm ortho-rectified photography was captured for the Surf Coast Shire and several partner agencies and is available as 1km 3 band (RGB) TIFF Tiles, 1km ECW tiles and ECW Overview Mosaic.

  • This project represents the annual excavation monitoring work undertaken by Surf Coast Shire where both elevation and photography products are produced. Breaklines and Spot Heights were provided in addition to the standard Photography and elevation products.

  • Captured as part of the 2014-15 CIP, this 10cm relaxed accuracy photography covers the Rural City of Ballarat with an additional generous buffer around the perimiter of the LGA

  • 2014-15 Autumn Planned Burns Hume Region Photography

  • 2014-15 Autumn Planned Burns Gippsland Region Photography

  • The 2012 Urban Development Program Data provides updated information for supply and demand for residential and industrial land across metropolitan Melbourne and the Geelong Region. Collation of the data draws on information and feedback from a wide range of sources, including State and Local Government, the housing and land development industries, infrastructure and service providers, industry associations, and development consultants and strategists. The library covers the following themes 1. Major Residential Redevelopment sites for Metropolitan Melbourne 2. Broadhectare sites both recently developed and future supply 3. Major Infill 4. Minor Infill that has been constructed in the past 5 years 5. Identified Housing Estates 6. Zoned Industrial Land 7. Proposed Industrial Land 8. Industrial Nodes In addition to Metropolitan Melbourne (2010). This data covers the following LGAs 1. Wodonga (2009) 2. Ballarat (2009) 3. Bendigo (2009) 4. Latrobe (2009) 5. Greater Shepparton (2011) 6. Wangaratta (2011) 7. Mildura (2011) 8. Horsham (2011) 9. Warnambool (2011) 10. Greater Geelong (2012) 11. Golden Plains (2012) 12. Surf Coast (2012) 13. Colac Otway (2012)

  • This dataset consists of geological faults interpreted from seismic data provided by the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI). The dataset was compiled by GHD to inform the report 'Potential Influences of Geological Structures on Groundwater Flow Systems' for DEPI's Secure Allocation Future Entitlements (SAFE) Project.

  • The Housing Development Data (HDD) provides a comprehensive spatial inventory of all dwellings, vacant parcels of land where a dwelling may be permitted and residential development across the Melbourne metropolitan captured on an annual basis between December/January 2004 to 2008. An annual update of the data is planned. This data complements the monitoring and reporting of UDP Broadhectare and Major Redevelopment Sites. HDD is made up of two main data streams, A. Housing Stock by year which identifies number of dwellings on each parcel of land across the 31 metro local government areas and B. Housing Development which show the change in dwelling stock over various time periods. A. Housing Stock databases 1. ALL_MELBOURNE_2004_Stock 2. ALL_MELBOURNE_2005_Stock 3. ALL_MELBOURNE_2006_Stock 4. ALL_MELBOURNE_2007_Stock 5. ALL_MELBOURNE_2008_Stock B. Housing Development databases 1. ALL_MELBOURNE_Projects2004to2005 2. ALL_MELBOURNE_Projects2005to2006 3. ALL_MELBOURNE_Projects2006to2007 4. ALL_MELBOURNE_Projects2007to2008 5. ALL_MELBOURNE_Projects2004to2008