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  • This dataset is created by sketching in the current burnt area from field data and linescan data. This data is updated every time the area of the fire is updated during an incident.The area is captured in the incident mapping system eMap. This data includes both FFMVIC and CFA fires. This data is provided in kml format. The data is only available for the current fire season and shows all fires with a status of Going, controlled or contained (UC1 and UC2) and Safe are included in this feed. . The layer will support fire prevention and suppression activities of DSE, and will be used to generate the FIRE100_{year} fire history datasets. This layer is the source of disturbance datasets used in the analysis of old-growth forest.

  • Supporting mechanical works for the Fire Operations Program Indicates location of a combination of works being undertaken to support the Fire Operations Plan including fuelbreak improvement and roadside maintenance

  • February 2009 Victoria bushfire severity layer (FIRE_SEV09), intersected with various administrative and environmental datasets (Local Government Areas, Catchment Management Authorities, Land Tenure, River Catchments, Ecological Vegetation Classes, Native Vegetation and Bioregions).

  • This layer represents polygon coverage Bushfire Risk Engagement Areas (BREA) across the entire State of Victoria, generally on both public and private land. BREA is broad land categorisation which provides a prioritisation framework for fuel management engagement and delivery where fire is suitable for managing risk. Generalised boundary layer aligned to areas of bushfire risk and may not correlate to natural, manmade or administrative features. Dataset was created 18 September with from the statewide strategic bushfire management planning process 2017-2019 Dataset last updated 20 April 2017 with changes from WCBRL (per A Boak). Dataset updated 30 Jan 2017 with changes from ECBRL (per F Wilson). Dataset updated 19 August 2016 with changes from MMGBRL (per D Prior).

  • A subset of the BURNPLAN15 data, which represents areas gazetted as Public Safety Zones. Data managed via DEPI Fire group. Data created by Anthony Cheesman (DEPI Hume Region). PSZ's for Fire Operations Plan are defined by being: 1/ in the approved FOP dataset; 2/ Not falling on freehold land; 3/ Not falling on parcel voids; 4/ Not falling on any public land tenure covered by Schedule 2 of the National Parks Act (nominally, any National Park). Areas meeting the above criteria but being less than 0.5ha are removed. Areas meeting the above criteria, not being in the DEPI F&L districts of East Metro, Midlands, Murray Goldfields or Otway, and being smaller than 10ha, are removed. Areas meeting the above criteria, but where the total area of eligible PSZ's for a given burn total less than 15% of the total burn area, are removed.

  • This layer is part of Vicmap Lite and contains polygon features delineating public land areas. This Vicmap Lite dataset is suited for use between scales of 1: 1 million and 1 : 5 million. The polygons were sourced from PLMMT100PLY. The level of attribute information, the number of features and the number of vertices has been simplified to suit the 1:1 million - 1 : 5 million scale range. The concept of a Scale Use Code has been introduced to help control the level of detail displayed. THIS DATASET WAS LAST UPDATED IN AUGUST 2008

  • This layer represents the spatial extent of fires recorded since 1903 to 2012 primarily on public land. The layer includes wildfire and DSE prescribed burn information. The layer is derived from fire100_{YEAR} dataset, and is a composite of individual fire100_{YEAR} layers from 1900 season to current forming a single dataset. This data set includes fire history records up to 2012 fire season. From 2013 the dataset design has been upgraded and the new data set is called FIRE_HISTORY.

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  • Polygon layer contains DELWP Land and Fire District Boundaries used for Forest and Fire Management operations.