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  • Water Frontages are a subset of the VMPROP.V_PARCEL_MP_CROWN_APPROVED dataset. From the LIMS database, water frontage licences were selected and the associated parcels were selected on the SPI number or the P Number. The parcels selected were compared to the list of streams reserved under the 1881 reservation of water frontages for public purposes. A majority of streams were identified. Some stream beds and banks have not yet been parcelised, so any unidentified parcels were selected which aligned with the hydrology layer and had an irregular shape and were added to the layer. The VicMap hydrology layer was used to label water frontages.

  • Formerly Proclaimed Water Supply Catchments. Domestic Water Supply Catchments as proclaimed under the Soil Conservation and Land Utilization Act, 1958 in conjunction with the Land Conservation Act, 1970. This layer identifies domestic Water Supply Catchments that are subject to a Land Use Determination or a Land Use Notice.

  • This layer provides the boundaries of the River Basins of Victoria, and is part of a system devised by the Australian Water Resources Council (AWRC). The basins within Victoria are contained within two drainage divisions; the Murray Darling Division and the South East Coast Division.

  • Polygons showing the extent and types of wetlands in Victoria based on photography taken during the 1970's and 80's. Wetlands are classified into primary categories based on water regimes and subdivided into sub areas based on vegetation or hydologic attributes. The polygon boundaries were derived from digitizing marked up aerial photography interpretation.

  • This dataset contains the digitised centroids of smaller man made waterbodies (including farm dams) in northern Victoria using a combination of satellite and aerial imagery. Should be used in conjunction with FARM_DAMS. This data was updated in January 2019 to improve the usefulness of the attribute data.

  • Victorian Water Asset Database (VWAD), contains the identification of water assets and their attributes for the state of Victoria. The VWAD includes features such as lakes, rivers, creeks, wetlands, water storages, estuaries, groundwater aquifers, springs, large marine intertidal zones, but does not include specific irrigation and water supply infrastructure such as irrigation channels, bores and irrigation distribution networks.

  • This table is used by the Groundwater Resource Reporting Tool to display the contact details of Rural Water Corporations in the report. Each row in the table relates to a groundwater catchment and the relavent corporation who manages the catchment area.

  • This layer contains the location of surface water monitoring sites in the Water Measurement Information System (WMIS). WMIS is the primary access point to search, discover, access and download surface water and surface monitoring data collected by DEPI and its partners. More detailed information on individual surface monitoring sites , can be accessed via the WMIS site at

  • This layer contains points showing the location of water monitoring points, groundwater bores, index of stream condition and marine monitoring sites. The data is sourced from the Victorian Water Resources Data Warehouse