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  • This layer contains polygon features which represent depth zones in Bass Strait.

  • 1:100,000 Landuse rasterised to 20m based on VICMAP_ELEVATION_DTM_20M. For more details see the Metadata for LANDUSE100.

  • Supporting mechanical works for the Fire Operations Program Indicates location of a combination of works being undertaken to support the Fire Operations Plan including fuelbreak improvement and roadside maintenance

  • February 2009 Victoria bushfire severity layer (FIRE_SEV09), intersected with various administrative and environmental datasets (Local Government Areas, Catchment Management Authorities, Land Tenure, River Catchments, Ecological Vegetation Classes, Native Vegetation and Bioregions).

  • Fire Severity Classes for Linton (mf15) fire in 1999 to support Linton Fire Inquest and DSE field management.

  • This layer contains the location of surface water monitoring sites in the Water Measurement Information System (WMIS). WMIS is the primary access point to search, discover, access and download surface water and surface monitoring data collected by DEPI and its partners. More detailed information on individual surface monitoring sites , can be accessed via the WMIS site at

  • Estimated long-term mean annual evaporation interpolated to a 20m grid cell using the DEM20 layer and the ANUCLIM software.

  • Estimated long-term mean monthly evaporation interpolated to a 500m grid cell using the DEM250 layer and the ESOCLIM software.

  • The proposed layer for East Gippsland's modelled old-growth forest derived from both vector and grid based analysis using disturbance data that post dates the source old-growth analyses. Areas delineated as old growth forest are identified to meet the Victorian definition of old-growth forest based on a set of modelling criteria, rules and input datasets. The data is not reliable at scales less than 1:100,000 (ie 1:25,000), not all old-growth polygons have been confirmed by field checking and the reliability of the modelled linework has not been verified.

  • A pale version of 1993 LANDSAT Satelite Imagery (TM500_1993) suitable for background plotting.